P Savidge 23/07/2016

Two tone models are something of a Marmite item among the airsoft community.

There's always a debate of do you wait and get your defence first to then buy a RIF or do you just jump and treat yourself to a Two Tone item and focus on what the main aspect of airsoft is.....FUN and not worring to much about looking like John Rambo.

Most players either love them or hate them but maybe its not so simple as that. Every AEG has its place from the smallest to the largest from the black to the blue and its the latter that I'll be focusing on now.


The UMP 45 by S&T, licensed by H&K

I'll say this right from the get go, In all honesty while I don't have a fond place for the UMP in my heart, this peice from S&T is a perfect starting place for any airsofter 18 or over looking to buy his or her first AEG

The simple fact is it has a good build quality, comes with a battery and charger, offers a good fps normally hitting the 330 on most models and has the usual Safe, Semi, Auto function.
With it is the Hi-cap mag holding about 420 round so your good to go and get stuck in and be a match for any average player out there.


In the box you get an instruction manual, a 8.4 NiMH Chinese battery, a Chinese trickle charger and of course you get your rifle.
You may want to put the battery and charger to one side and keep them in reserve and treat yourself to a higher quality set but they will get you started.

Also the box itself is rather smart, a simple black finish with the H&K markings on there.
Simple but elegant I think and you'll come to know that I do love my boxes.


I've held entry level guns and they often feel like there going to crumble in your hands, I wont name the brand or models but I have half a dozen in my head as I type.

The UMP is very solid and a nice surprise to be honest. There's a nice amount of weight giving the feel of a genuine fire arm without having to worry about the weight being to much as you get to that last few hours of your game day.
There are no creeks or wobbles with the model from front to back and it feels like its worth more than what the price tag is.

Most of the UMP is made from a very strong sturdy ABS Polymer that is able to take a handful of hits without giving in. Great for any newer players or older players that have butter fingers.
There are a host of metal parts on there as well such as most smaller pieces such as the screws but the main metal parts consist of the complete rail set up.
The UMP offers a 4 piece rail set to add a ton of extra bits on there. There's side, bottom and top rails so you really can go all out and make this your own.

The stock is folding giving that much needed option in tighter firing areas so you can use this in medium fire fire or up close and personal, after all its always good to have a choice.
The stock folds easy simply by pressing a button on the left hand side then folding it round to the right of the rifle until it is hooked in place securely on a latch on the receiver itself.
To get the stock out simply lift the stock and fold back in to place.

The fire selector is in the usual place offering the safe, semi and full auto option and along with its hi-cap 420 round magazine is something that this model can cope with, just don't forget to wind as you move from cover to cover!!

The magazine is made from a tough ABS plastic so wont break easily but it is worth mentioning that due to the length you wont be doing a long of prone shooting unless you intend to dig a little UMP ditch (We joke - Please don't do that as you'll get mud it the winder)
Also official H&K mags can be hard to get and arn't the cheapest


All in all its a good choice to start with a model that I offer without hesitation. 

The UMP gets my stamp of approval


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