P Savidge 23/07/2016
Game day!!!

Guns working, Check
BB's stocked, Check
Batteries charged, Check
Guns boxed or bagged, Check.....kinda

I've seen people box there guns up taking twice the space needed, I've also seen players take there guns in bin bags, I kid you not.
It's a very interesting concept when players spend so much money on there guns but wont buy themselves a nice case to put the oh so special toy in.

That's why we at Leicestershire Airsoft offer range of transport options from gun bags of various sizes and colour options, ABS hard cases and not forgetting our Aluminium cases available in both pistol sized and rifle sized which is what I want to touch base on here.

Our cases offer great quality and construction along with a great price tag.

Starting with the outside, the quality is perfect for any player who doesn't want to spend a fortune but still wants something that will last him or her years on end.
The piece has a nice weight to it, The clasps are strong and responsive giving a very nice click when used. The handle is rubber so wont be uncomfortable on the hand.
The hinges seem secure and the whole case is finished in a textured way that makes you want to drag you fingers over it....or is that just me.
The Aluminum pistol case is large enough to fit two regular sized pistol and a mag each (Remember guys, drop you mags while traveling)

The case measures 35 × 22.5 x 11.3cm

Inside the quality matches the outside in terms of price to performance ratio.
The whole piece is finished with a soft egg shell offering a high level of protection for your airsoft replicas.
The foam is cut and finished well but soft enough to eventually mold around your selected items over time.

Of course no case like this would be complete without the added protection of a combination lock. Simple to use and a great idea if you have a pesky little brother who cant keep his hands off or a little sister who can shoot better than you can so needs to stay away.
With this extra feature you can make sure your the only one to unlock it.

All in all the pistol gun case is a great addition to any pistol collector and player and beats having to explain why there is a RIF in the boot wrapped in a bin bag.


At only £34.99 in store these are a steal.

The Aluminum Pistol Case gets my stamp of approval

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